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  • Futuristic Design
  • Interesting Lottery Games
  • Good Betting Odds
  • Easy Registration Process
  • Limited Casino Games
  • No eSports Betting
  • Lack of Transparency


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iLOT Bet Review

iLOT Nigeria Review

iLOT sounds like a name for a betting site from the future. This Nigerian betting site actually also looks like they´re from the future. But is the functionality as stellar as the site looks?

This betting site definitely has an interesting design. The website is fresh and at a first glance it looks very easy to use. All the links are in clear menus and everything you need is just one click away.

We could also thought that this was a bit of a combination of a betting site and an online casino. We found a casino section but we were very disappointed. However, apart from normal sports betting they are also offering lottery and virtual sports. In this iLOT review, you will learn all about this.

iLOT Nigeria Welcome Bonus

We will update this section at a later stage complete with all the casino and betting bonuses you can find at iLOT.

Casino Games at iLOT Nigeria

iLOT seems to have most things covered when it comes to game selection. Here you can find the following sections, among others:

  • Lottery
  • Sports betting
  • Virtual sports
  • Casino
  • Live betting

There are plenty of categories but it´s not all as good as it initially seems. Read on, and we will tell you what we think is wrong with the games selection.

Slots at iLOT Nigeria

When we clicked on the “casino” section we were sure we would find a decent selection of online slots. Instead, we were shown two large thumbnails of something that wasn´t slots at all. In the casino section, there are only two games – Best Shooter and European Roulette.

We still decided to give the games a try. The Best Shooter game is sort of a penalty shootout in football. You are the penalty taker and in front of you, you can see the goalkeeper.

You then have 5 different directions to shoot the ball. Each option has different odds which also reflects how likely you are to win on that bet. For example, the top-left corner might give you a win of 1.85x while the top-right corner a win of 1.15x your bet.

It´s a fun game to play for a few rounds, especially if you like football. However, it gets boring quite quickly.

You can also find the iLOT Roulette which is technically just a normal European Roulette. It´s a fun game but it´s nothing out of the ordinary. We´re still happy they are giving their players this option.

Lottery at iLOT Nigeria

As you we will also tell you later, iLOT is run by a company called Lucky9ja Lotto Limited. Because of the name the lotto games at this Nigerian gambling company should be quite interesting.

They have several different lotteries to choose from. Some of the games are played daily, while others are played every 5 minutes. Some of them have small wins while others have wins of several million Naira. We guess it´s from these games that this betting site has gotten its motto “Bet small, win big”.

Here are some of the lotto games available at iLOT:

  • 5/90 with a max win of 2,950,000 NGN.
  • Quick 3 with a max win of 26,000 NGN.
  • Super 5/90 with a max win of 2,500,000 NGN.
  • Football 14 with a max win of 366,000 NGN.

It´s a fun little selection of lotto games for the players who appreciate these kinds of games. Unfortunately, you cannot play the lotto games for free.

Betting at iLOT Nigeria

On a normal day, there are just under 1000 betting objects in the iLOT game lobby. It´s not a lot and the betting site may rather deserve the name iLITTLE. Jokes aside, it´s still not a terrible selection and there are a few filters where you can sort the games by starting time and the different leagues like La Liga, Premier League, and Bundesliga.

Unfortunately, it doesn´t seem like they are offering betting on Nigerian football in this sportsbook. No betting on eSports is available either but they have a live score section where you can follow the current results of the games.

We were first a bit worried that maybe there was no live betting available. It is not in one of the main categories but when you click on “sports” you can also find the live matches. The selection here is also small but you can at least find half a dozen or more live matches.

We compared the Premier League odds to some of the best betting sites in Nigeria. We were surprised to see that the odds on many matches were just a tiny bit higher than in the other sportsbooks we compared to. Most of the time the lower odds were the same as the other betting sites while the team that was not the favourite had higher odds at iLOT. This makes iLOT one of the competitors to have some of the best odds in Nigeria.

There is also a section for virtual sports. It says that it is still not released but we could find a few virtual football matches to bet on. On these games, you can start betting for as low as 50 Naira.

How to register an account at iLOT Nigeria

As we mentioned you have a chance to win an iPhone 13 when you register at iLOT. Registering is easy and can be done by either mobile or email.

To sign up for an iLOT account you just need to follow these steps:

  • Enter ilot.ng.
  • Click register.
  • Choose if you want to register by mobile or email.
  • Enter the one-time-password which will be sent to your chosen method.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Confirm the creation of you account.

How to login to iLOT Nigeria

TO login to iLOT you just need to enter your email/phone and your password.

iLOT Nigeria Mobile Casino

iLOT mobile looks equally modern when you are playing on your iPhone or Android phone. There is quite a lot of clutter and in the beginning that can be a but confusing. We still don´t think it´s terrible and the menus are just as easy to navigate as on your desktop.

When you click on the different odds in the betting lobby they will automatically be placed into your betslip. You can then access your betslip by clicking on it on the bottom of the screen. There you will see all the details of the betslip like for example the odds and which matches you have added. The minimum bet you can place on your mobile is 100 NGN. You can also choose if you want to accept odds changes automatically if they happen.

When you are playing in your web browser you will be asked if you want to download their app. The mobile casino app can be downloaded to your iPhone but also to any Android app devices. They will even give you a bonus for downloading the app. When you do that they will give 200 Naira you then can wager.

Deposit Methods at iLOT Nigeria

All deposits are free and you can deposit as little as 100 NGN per time. If you are looking for a Nigerian betting site with low deposits iLOT has one of the lowest ones.

You can use the following methods to deposit at iLOT:

  • Palmpay
  • OPay
  • Paystack
  • Mastercard
  • VISA

Somehow they seem to be lacking methods like Quickteller and also popular eWAllets like Skrill and Mastercard. Definitely something they should look into in the future just to be able to accommodate Nigerian players better.

Withdrawals at iLOT Nigeria

When you withdraw with bank transfer all withdrawals at iLOT are entirely free. iLOT also promises to process them immediately so they should show in your balance almost instantly. If your balance doesn´t change you can always contact their customer support for help.

Customer Service at iLOT Nigeria

We really could not find a live chat at iLOT. Their section for frequently asked questions is also not really the best and needs some work. It just doesn´t look good, is hard to navigate and only has a few questions and answers.

  • Phone number: +234 8139842929 and +234 018885889
  • E-mail: service@ilot.ng
  • WhatsApp: +234 8060037161

Who owns iLOT Nigeria?

We could not really find any information about who owns iLOT NG and when it was founded. It does seem like they are maybe founded in 2022 and is run by a company called Lucky9ja Lotto Limited.


  • National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC)

Is it safe to play at iLOT Nigeria?

We could find very little information about iLOT. We know that they have a Nigerian license which of course is good. However, the lack of information about the company might be a sign of that it can be a bit risky to play here. We also found other sites online that asked the players to be a bit cautious when they are playing at this Nigerian betting site.

We do think that this betting site needs to provide us with more information about their company and we also want to watch them a few more years to know for sure it´s a trustworthy betting site. For now, we recommend you to be cautious.

Our iLOT Nigeria rating

iLOT is a promising Nigerian betting site but they are not really among the best yet. They have a nice looking website and we especially like that the menus are clear and easy to use. This also applies if you are playing at their mobile casino or after downloading their app.

iLOT also offers some of the best odds in Nigeria and we know that is important for many players.

However, they still need some work with increasing their game selection and making their website more informative. We could find very little information about the company and we prefer completely transparent gambling companies. Also, they could add afew more deposit methods because at the moment it´s still limited.

Low deposits and high odds are still two good reasons to choose this betting site.

  • Is it safe to play at iLOT Nigeria?

    While iLOT holds a Nigerian license, there is little information available about the company’s history and ownership. Given the limited information available, it’s advisable to be cautious while using the site.

  • What is the minimum deposit amount at iLOT Nigeria?

    The minimum deposit amount at iLOT Nigeria is 100 Naira.

  • How long does it take to withdraw from iLOT Nigeria?

    iLOT promises immediate withdrawals. However, the exact time can vary based on the withdrawal method used.

  • Are there any charges for depositing money at iLOT Nigeria?

    No, all deposits made at iLOT Nigeria are free of charge.

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