Odds and Betting Sites in Nigeria

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Sports betting is an incredibly fun pastime. While watching sports is in general very exciting, wagering some money on the matches makes it even more exciting. I guess it’s not that surprising that betting has existed for over 2000 years. In this guide, we will talk about everything you need to know about betting in Nigeria in and help you find the best betting sites.

Did you know that even the ancient Greeks used to love betting on sports? Times have changed and today much of the betting takes place online. Most sports are available and in Nigeria, betting on football and basketball is extremely popular. Today there are still plenty of other betting options like for example Nigerian elections and different kinds of competitions. In this guide we will talk about what betting is, what kind of betting objects you can wager on, but also some of the best betting sites in Nigeria.

How does odds work?

There are several different ways to use odds. Different countries use different systems and sometimes you can hear about fractional odds and decimal odds. In Nigeria, decimal odds are the most common one.

The idea with these odds is still very similar. The idea of sports betting is to guess the outcome of a certain game. Because all outcomes do not have the same probability, odds exist to make the game fair.

With this, we mean that in some football games, for example, one team is better than the other. Of course, there should then be a lower payout for the better team to win. On the contrary, the team that is less likely to win should have higher odds. That’s why odds exist in the first place. It’s basically to balance the payout and the chance of one team to win.

How do I know which is the best betting site?

Today there probably are a hundred betting sites in Nigeria. Some of these are actually in Nigeria, while others are international companies. With that many betting sites to choose from, how can you know which Nigerian betting site you should play at?

On our website, we review Nigerian betting sites. We tell you the pros and cons of the different sites and if you should play at them or not. In the end, it’s only our suggestion, it’s up to you to decide if a casino is good enough for you.

There are many different factors we calculate when we decide if a casino is good or not. In our reviews, we will give you a detailed breakdown of all these. In this section, you will still find some of the most important things we factor in when we review a casino.

Game selection

The game selection is one of the most important parts when we judge a casino. It’s not only how many games a casino has, it’s also about how many different types of games they offer. Are there only slot machines on offer or do they also have betting or bet in play? Some casinos focus on only one of these categories, while others try to give their players a bit of everything. Sometimes they do everything well, sometimes they don’t even manage to do one category well enough.

That means the depth of a certain category can be very important as well. If we look at sports betting, do they only offer matches in the Premier League or do they also include some Nigerian football divisions? This is very important and of course, we prefer a betting site with a large game selection.

User experience

Some casinos have large game selections but a terribly designed website. What can you do with 5,000 different slots if you have no way to navigate the website easily? Maybe you will get access to 100 online slots and the other 4900 are almost impossible to reach.

The best betting sites in Nigeria have clear categories that make it easy to navigate their game selection.

Higher odds

Every Nigerian betting side decides their odds themselves. That means that some betting sites have better odds than others.

Odds decide how much you are getting paid, that’s why it’s smart to look for the Nigerian betting sites with the highest odds.

One website doesn’t necessarily always have the best odds. Sometimes a betting site generally has bad odds but they might have a few games that have better odds than other Nigerian betting sites. That’s why it’s good to always compare odds and to be on the lookout for exceptionally good odds.

One thing is that registering an account at a Nigerian online casino is very easy today. That’s why you can easily jump from one casino to another in search of the best odds.


A lot of Nigerian casinos give players bonuses to compete against each other. It’s also a great way for them to attract new players to their casino. In Nigeria, the laws regarding bonuses are pretty lax so the casinos can give their players almost any kind of bonus.

Because the laws are so relaxed you need to be extra careful about the bonus terms of a bonus. Not all casinos are very fair with their bonus terms so it’s good to keep an eye open. A good way to know if a casino has a good bonus is to read our casino reviews. In them, we always tell honestly if we like a bonus or not. We also explain if we like the wagering requirements of a bonus or if there is something that isn’t really the way it should be.

Betting sites in Nigeria with the best odds

Under the previous header, we talked about what makes a betting site good. Below you can find some of the best betting sites in Nigeria that fulfill our requirements. Here are some of the best Nigerian betting sites at the moment.

What games can you bet on?

Different casinos have different betting markets they offer. Some betting sites have a more diverse selection while others only offer the basics. In most cases, you can at least bet on the most popular sports like football, basketball, and tennis. Some betting sites even offer betting on ice hockey, darts, and cricket.

It’s not only sports that you can bet on these days. Some betting sites offer the possibility to bet on elections or even competitions like for example Voice of Nigeria.

E-sports is another betting form that in recent years has become popular within betting. The best betting sites in Nigeria definitely need to provide basic betting on eSports where you can bet on games like League of Legends and Dota 2. Some Nigerian betting sites still don’t offer these options but we think it will be more common in the future.

Betting on football in Nigeria

Betting on football is not only the most popular betting format in Nigeria, it’s most likely the most popular form of betting in the whole world. It’s of course fun to watch a football game without wagering money on it but it definitely can make it more exciting. On most Nigerian betting sites the betting objects on football are the most varied ones. Match winner bets are very common but så are goal scorers, tournament winners, and much more.

Betting on basketball

Betting on basketball is probably the next most common sport to bet on in Nigeria. Actual betting on basketball doesn’t differ too much from betting on football. There are similar wagerings you can do and one of the most popular options is match winners. To bet if a team scores more or less than a certain point is also a common bet. Some people prefer to bet on who wins the NBA or a season in the Euroleague.

Odds on tennis

Tennis is probably not the most action-packed sport in the world. We think that is a reason why betting and tennis is a great combination. The otherwise somewhat easy, and maybe a bit boring game, can be made more fun by betting a few hundred Naira. We think golf is a very similar sport. It might be fun to play gold but it’s not always the most fun sport to watch on TV, betting definitely increases the fun of these games.

Betting on E-sport

Betting on e-sports has grown so quickly that it deserves its own category. The largest e-sport events can have audiences of thousands of people. They have also made huge sponsorship deals with large corporations. This has made e-sports into a billion-dollar industry as of 2022. Some of the young players earn hundreds and thousands of dollars every year which is impressive, to say the least.

On streaming platforms like Twitch, you can also find many streamers that broadcast their playing. This of course also promotes the popularity of e-sports.

Thanks to this fast growth of eSports it’s no surprise that also betting on eSports has become very popular. In 2019 alone, the eSports betting market saw an increase of over 4000% and an increase of over 2000% during 2020. It also seems like the fast growth keeps on continuing.

In our betting site reviews, we will definitely mention if a sports betting site offers betting on eSports or not. In this day and age, we will definitely criticize them a bit if they won’t offer it.

The most common games you can find on betting sites with eSports are the following:

The different betting options you can find on e-sports are still very limited. Usually, you can only bet on which team wins but we believe that this will become more varied in the future.

Other odds apart from the end result

We have briefly mentioned the different betting options there are. Match winner is by far the most popular betting option. However, this is not the only option you have because there any many more different alternatives. In this section, we are taking a closer look at which betting options there are. We are using betting on football as an example because it is the most extensive betting category in Nigeria.


In this betting alternative, you will bet on if a match has over or under a certain amount of goals. A common wager is that a match will have more or less than 2,5 goals. If you bet over 2.5 goals it will be a winning bet if there will be 3 goals or more in the game. There are of course other options, like over or under 1,5 or 3,5 goals.

These wagers can also be placed on the home team or away team. Then you will make a similar bet but you will bet on how many goals the home or away team does. This bet can also be divided into the result of the first half of the result of the game at full-time.

There is also a possibility to make over and under bets on other events in the game. For example, if there will be over 0,5 red cards in the game or less than 7,5 corners in the game.

Goal scorers

Another popular wager is to bet on who scores a goal. This bet is simply who you think will score a goal in a certain game. It’s also possible to bet on who scores the first goal of a match, but this is substantially harder. Harder bets usually mean higher odds which is a tradeoff you will have to decide if you are ready to make.


A very popular wager in Nigerian betting is to bet on who is leading during half-time and who wins the game. An example of this is that you bet the game will be a draw during half-time but the home team will win in the end.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is a type of betting that is a bit newer in Nigeria. It’s originally from Indonesia but is today played all over Africa. In these wagers, one of the teams will have a handicap. For example, the home team can have a handicap of +1 goals. That means the away team will have to score two games more for the result to be a 2. 

Advice for the beginner who wants to start betting

One of the benefits of technology is that you don’t need to leave your house to bet anymore. If you want to bet on a Nigerian football match, you can simply do it online. There are also many Nigerian online betting sites so you can easily compare which has the best odds.

Vi recommends that you read this betting guide to learn what is important for a new player. For someone who is unfamiliar with betting in Nigeria, there are a lot of things to keep track of. Even if the basic idea is to guess the outcome of a game, there are plenty of different betting options you need to keep in mind. If you’re a beginner to betting we recommend that you only play on the easier bets like who wins a game. After you’ve learned all the details and know how odds work you can visit some of the best Nigerian betting sites to find more complicated wagers.

What should beginners to sports betting think about?

One thing to keep in mind is that the house usually has an edge, even in sports betting. Sometimes it feels like you are sure of the result of a football game, but the sports betting operator has already taken this into account. That will be reflected in the odds.

To win on sports betting in Nigeria you need to bet on odds that are too high. These are odds that are higher than the actual probability for a result to take place. If you can constantly find and bet on these you can win money on betting sites in Nigeria. However, we can warn you that it is not easy to find these odds.

Another thing that is important to know is that there are different kinds of odds. These are decimal odds, British odds, and moneyline odds.

So what odds are used in Nigeria? In Nigeria, it’s decimal odds that are used.

With decimal odds you just need to multiply the odds on the object you bet on with your wager. If the odds are 2 and you wager 1000 Naira you will get 2000 Naira back. That’s a win of 1000 Naira. Technically you have doubled your wager.

To calculate how big a probability the betting site thinks this outcome has, you just need to divide the odds by 1. In this case that is 0.50, which means the betting site believes the likelihood of this outcome is 50%. Actually, they believe it’s more than 50% but they’ve already calculated that into the odds so they can make a profit.

Glossary for betting in Nigeria

The terms used in betting can be very confusing. Especially if you are a new player it’s almost impossible to know what is going on. This glossary will help you learn about the most popular betting terms. If you wonder what other casino terms mean, don’t forget to take a look at our extensive Casino Glossary for Nigerian players. After learning the terms in our glossary you will be able to feel at home at any betting site in Nigeria.

Bonus at Nigerian betting sites

Normal casino bonuses at online casinos are usually matched deposit bonuses or free spins. If you’re looking for betting bonuses you can often find deposit bonuses. Free bets are also very common and now we will talk about the most common betting bonuses in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

List of Nigerian Betting Sites with the best bonuses

Betway Nigeria Review

An amazing betting site that does everything well
  • Trustworthy
  • Good customer support
  • Versatile game selection
  • Nothing
Exciting weekly promotions
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888 Casino Review

Large game selection and fair bonuses
  • Good game selection
  • Well-known brand
  • Mediocre customer support
100% extra up to $1000
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SportyBet Review

  • Diverse Betting Options
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Multiple Licensing
  • Long Standing Reputation
  • Limited slot selection
Refer-A-Friend and get 1000 Naira
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 22Bet Nigeria Casino Review

Large game selection, tempting bonuses and betting on e-sports
  • Wide Range of Betting Markets
  • Attractive Design
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Exclusive Games
  • Steep Wagering Requirements
  • Bonus Terms Clarity
100% extra up to 105,000 NGN on your first deposit
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iLOT Bet Review

  • Futuristic Design
  • Interesting Lottery Games
  • Good Betting Odds
  • Easy Registration Process
  • Limited Casino Games
  • No eSports Betting
  • Lack of Transparency
100 NGN minimum bet and great lottery section
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1xBet Nigeria Review

Many bonuses for new players
  • Established 2007
  • High deposit bonus
  • 3300+ slot games
  • Cryptocurrency accepted
  • Nigerian license
  • Few live casino providers
  • Lacking live chat
  • Past controversies, lost UKGC license 2020
300% first deposit bonus up to 145,600 Naira
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Matched deposit bonuses

These are some of the most popular sports betting bonuses in Nigeria.

This can for example be a bonus of up to 100% extra on 10,000 Naira. This means the betting site will double your money. The best betting sites in Nigeria have even bigger bonuses but sometimes they have unfair wagering requirements. In our casino reviews, we will always tell you honestly about the wagering requirements for a betting bonus.

The bonus money usually comes with wagering requirements. This means you need to wager your bonus money a certain amount of times before you can make a withdrawal. That’s why we recommend you either read our casino reviews or take a good look at the bonus terms before you use these bonuses.

Boosted odds

Boosted odds are another way for Nigerian online casinos to attract new players. This basically means that the odds on a certain betting market are higher than normal. This means that you can usually find the best odds at a betting site with a bonus like this. We still recommend comparing the different betting sites in Nigeria to find the best odds to bet on.

Boosted odds give the betting site a lower house edge, which is of course something the players will like.

Risk-free bets

Risk-free bets are bets without risk. These are usually given by the betting sites in a format of for example 10,000 Naira in free bets. If you win you will be paid in accordance with the odds but if you lose, the betting site will give your money back. That’s why these bets are completely without any risk.

Free bets

If a Nigerian betting site gives one or several free bets you can use their money to wager. Sometimes you can choose the betting objects yourself, but sometimes they will choose it for you.

As usual, keep an eye out for possible wagering requirements. If you read our betting site reviews, we will tell you if we think the bonus terms are fair or not.

Live Odds, Live Betting, or Bet in Play

Live odds is quite a new phenomenon. About a decade ago you would have had to place your wager before a match started. Thanks to modern technology you can now bet while a game is being played. Live odds kind of work the same way as normal odds but you can bet in real time. In live betting, you can easily place your bets even if the game has started.

Odds of course change depending on the current situation in the game. If one team scores a goal the odds will change. If this doesn’t make your football game more exciting – then what does?

Live betting is a very entertaining form of betting that today can be found at most Nigerian betting sites.

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports is something that isn’t found at every betting site but they’re quite popular at Nigerian betting sites. There are sites in Nigeria with betting that don’t offer Virtual Sports, but we would say the majority of them do it.

This works like normal betting, not live betting. The biggest difference is that you are betting on virtual sports matches. There are games that are not played in real life, they are simulated by a computer system and a random number generator (RNG).

The great thing about Virtual Sports is that you don’t need to wait for a certain game to start. You can just place your bet and the game will be played almost immediately. At some betting sites, they will even show you highlights from some old games or simulated games to show what is happening in the virtual match.

Betting sites with Nigerian licenses

Casinos with Nigerian licenses are not always the best casinos in the world. We would still argue that they are some of the best casinos for Nigerian players. The main reason for this is that Nigerian players are usually protected by law on these sites.

Casinos with Nigerian licenses are the best betting sites for Nigerian players because all of them we’ve seen so far are reputable companies. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bet9ja or Nairabet, Nigerian players can safely play at these.

In our reviews of betting sites, we also include some sites without Nigerian licenses. For them, we make our own judgment if they are safe to play at or not.

Payment methods at Nigerian betting sites

There are plenty of different payment methods at Nigerian betting sites. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular ones used by Nigerian players.

Bank Transfers

Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard)

USSD Codes




Mobile Money (e.g., OPay)

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

ATM Deposit

E-Wallets (e.g., Neteller, Skrill)

Mobile Betting Sites in Nigeria

Betpawa Nigeria Review

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Low Minimum Bet
  • Generous Acca Bonus
  • Multiple Licenses
  • Great Odds
  • Limited Game Selection
  • No Traditional Welcome Bonus
  • Limited Deposit Methods
Big Accumulator Bonuses
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In recent years, mobile betting has seen a significant surge in popularity among Nigerian players. The convenience and immediacy offered by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make them a preferred choice for placing bets. Unlike traditional methods that require access to a computer or a trip to a physical betting shop, mobile betting allows for a more seamless and on-the-go experience.

Why is Mobile Betting Popular?

Overall, the trend toward mobile betting in Nigeria reflects a broader global shift but is particularly pronounced given the widespread use of mobile phones in the country. The combination of convenience, speed, and features makes mobile betting a compelling option for many Nigerians.


Sports betting can be very tricky for new players. If you are totally unfamiliar with sports betting in Nigeria then there are many difficult terms used, and the rules of some games can be a bit tricky.

We hope this betting guide will make it a bit easier to get started and even if you’re an experienced player maybe we have provided you with some information you haven’t seen before.

Good luck!