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Neteller is a payment method that is used by some Nigerian players to deposit at Neteller Casino. It belongs to a category of payment methods called eWallets, much like Skrill. With Neteller, you can make payments online but it is also possible to deposit with Neteller on gambling sites and casinos.

There are many reasons why Neteller is used for depositing on betting sites. It was one of the first methods that offered instant withdrawals. It is also a very safe payment method because you do not have to give up your card details on betting sites.

In this Neteller casino guide, we will tell you why it might be a good idea to use Neteller at Nigerian betting sites, but we will also teach you how to register a Neteller account and how to deposit using this method.

Best Neteller Betting Sites in Nigeria

Why use Neteller for deposits?

As we already mentioned, fast withdrawals and secure payments are two of the main reasons to use Neteller for deposits at betting sites. We know that many players worry about giving their card details to a casino if they are not 100% sure that it is a trustworthy casino to play at. With Neteller, you just give your card details to the service provider, and then you make deposits with a username and password. You just need to register a Neteller account, connect your card to the account, and start depositing.

You can also deposit money to your Neteller and from there send it to a casino or betting site. Then you will technically use it as a wallet but it is online and that is why it is called an eWallet.

How to use Neteller at casinos

Before you can use Neteller to deposit at a casino you will need to create an account. You do that by visiting their website To start the registration process you should click on “join now” in the top-right corner. After that, you register an account by entering details like your name, country, and e-mail. This usually does not take long.

When you have created a Neteller account you have two ways of using it. You can either connect your bank card, like Mastercard or VISA and then your card will be charged when you deposit to a casino. The other way is depositing money to your Neteller account and then you deposit at a casino from there. The second option has two steps instead of one, but it is not too difficult to do. You can also download the Neteller app and do the same process on your mobile device.

How to deposit funds at a Neteller Casino

Withdrawals at Neteller Casino

Withdrawing from a Neteller Casino is also not difficult. Again, you go to the cashier of your betting site and choose Neteller as the withdrawal. Then you choose how much you want to withdraw and click confirm. The withdrawal will start processing immediately and it should be ready within a few minutes. However, it is good to remember that certain Nigerian betting sites have their own processing times which can take up to 24 hours.

Neteller Casino Bonus

Unfortunately, Neteller is one of the methods that often is excluded from using a casino bonus. To know if you can get a bonus when depositing with Skrill you need to read the terms & conditions for the bonus. Luckily we have already done that for you and you can read about this in our honest betting site reviews.

Is it safe to use Neteller for deposits?

Neteller is a safe payment method that was founded already in 1999. That means they have a history of over 20 years and a good reputation. As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons that makes Neteller safe is that you do not have to submit your card details to a betting site. All transactions are also protected by modern SSL technology so you do not need to worry about safety when you use Neteller for deposits at online casinos.

Today Neteller is owned by Paysafe Group which also owns Skrill.

Neteller is available in the following African countries:

Fees at Neteller Casino

Neteller does not charge any fees for withdrawals or deposits. However, there might be some Nigerian betting sites that will charge a fee. This is something that we don’t like so you can be sure that you will be able to read about that in our casino reviews.

Neteller at mobile casinos

There is no problem at all with using Neteller at mobile casinos. You can even download the Neteller app for seamless integration and easy deposits to any casino on your mobile. We actually recommend that you download the app if you are going to play on your mobile device. It makes the process smoother and the app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Similar deposit methods to Neteller

If you are looking for methods that are similar to Neteller we recommend other eWallets.Here are some of the payment methods that are similar to Neteller:

Can Nigerian players play at Neteller Casino?

Neteller has a list of non-serviced countries but Neteller is not on this list. There are also several Nigerian betting sites and casinos that offer deposits with Neteller so if you want to deposit with Neteller it is possible. In our previous top list we have listed some of the best Neteller casinos in Nigeria.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of playing at a Neteller Casino.




In many countries, Neteller has given way to more popular payment methods. In Nigeria, it never got that popular on betting sites and online casinos but some people still like to use it. We still think it is easier to just use Quickteller when you are playing on online casinos, but for some players, this might be a good payment option.