What is a casino VIP Loyalty Program?

A VIP Loyalty Program is an extra reward that online casinos give to loyal players. It´s only the best players get access to these VIP programs. You can also say it´s the players that play the most.

It doesn´t necessarily mean that you have to deposit millions of Naira to reap the benefits of a VIP Program. Usually, there are several different levels of VIP programs and we will talk more about them in this guide to casino VIP programs in Nigeria.

How do I become a VIP player?

To become a VIP player you need to play enough. It doesn´t necessarily mean you need to play a lot but this all depends on the casino you are playing at. Every VIP program has different criteria for players to be able to join them.

It can even be a few hundred thousand Naira and most of the time you need an invitation to be able to join them. On the other hand, a player can usually take part in a loyalty program even if they are not playing for a lot of money. With a loyalty program, you can usually start earning loyalty points from the first Naira you bet.

The positive thing with VIP programs is that you don´t have to be a millionaire to be able to join one. As long as you are a player who frequently likes to play for real money as a hobby, you have a chance to become a VIP player. If you are just looking for no deposit bonuses, no deposit free spins, and similar freebies, you will most likely never be able to join a VIP program.

What to do if you are playing a lot but still not getting an invitation to a VIP program? Then you can try to contact the casino´s customer support by yourself. Tell them a little bit about your playing and maybe they can help you. This also applies if you are planning to bring big money to the casino to play like a high roller.

How do I collect VIP points, redeem them, or convert them to cash?

It´s not very difficult to collect loyalty points. You do that by playing the games on offer at a Nigerian casino. How much you need to play for depends on the casino. At some casinos you can get a point by playing for 1000 Naira, while at others you need to play for 10,000 Naira. That´s why it´s very important that you read the terms & conditions of a loyalty program before you start playing. Usually, it´s easier to get more points the higher your VIP level is.

It wouldn´t make much sense to collect loyalty points if you´re not able to spend them. Usually, you can exchange them for bonus funds or even some other exciting prizes like travel or gadgets.

Benefits as a VIP player

As a VIP player, you usually receive a lot of benefits. Of course you get extra casino bonuses and sometimes some bonus money, but that´s not all.

As a VIP player, you might have a VIP manager that helps you with extra rewards. Sometimes there are also VIP shops where you can redeem your points for nice bonuses. We´ve taken a look at some of the most common rewards VIP players can get at a Nigerian online casino.

Should I join a VIP Loyalty Program?

If you get invited to a casino VIP program we definitely recommend you to join. It won´t cost you anything and you will receive benefits and rewards other players don´t. It´s also no extra effort for you to join them because you´re increasing your chance of getting invited just by playing your favourite Nigerian online slots. Having said that, we still recommend you read the details of the VIP program you are invited to. The programs vary a lot depending on which casino you are playing at.


This guide is for all the players who are curious about how VIP Casinos and Loyalty Programs in Nigeria work. They are great ways to get some extra benefits from your playing. Sometimes there are no deposit bonuses available, sometimes you just get faster withdrawals. Some casinos offer holiday trips, whereas others let you exchange your loyalty points for bonus money. There are hundreds of different VIP Loyalty Programs and we hope that this guide has helped you to understand the basics of them. 

Good luck in your adventure to become the next VIP player!