Betting on Football in Nigeria

A football surrounded by money

Football is definitely the most popular sport in the world. Also in Nigeria, it’s one of the most popular sports. Some Nigerians watch football at home, others go to the football arena. Some Nigerians like to bet on the games while they’re watching them and this article is about betting on football.

It makes the games more exciting when you wager a bit of money on them but of course, it’s not necessary to do it to enjoy watching the sport. In this guide, we will talk about sports betting in Nigeria and how you play. We also will talk about some of our favourite Nigerian sports betting sites.

What is Football Betting in Nigeria?

Betting on football in Nigeria works as anywhere in the world. Your goal is to guess what the end result of a football game will be. A lot of times you bet on who you win but there are usually plenty of more options. Other typical bets are the final score of a game or which players score a goal. Later in this football betting guide, we will explain more about the different betting options you have..

It’s not particularly difficult to get started with betting money on football. Of course, you first need to find the best Nigerian betting site for you. In our reviews, you can read more about which casinos are good and which are not that good. If you’re looking for a bonus for sports betting in Nigeria, those are also available.

Before you start playing you need to know what odds are. Odds are what decide how much you can win from a wager. It’s the betting site that decides the odds and certain Nigerian betting sites have better odds than others.

In Nigeria, the odds that are used are called decimal odds. If the odds are 3 on a home win you will win 3 times your wager. Your wager will be deducted so if you bet 1000 Naira on one football team you will end up with 3000 Naira. That means you have made a profit of 2000 Naira.

If you didn’t bet on the correct results your wager will be lost. Higher odds mean larger wins but in general, it’s a smaller likelihood for you to bet correctly on those games. Lower odds are easier to guess correctly but you will instead get a lower payout.

Around the world, betting sites also use fractional odds and American odds. These are not common on betting sites in Nigeria.

Betting online

In Nigeria, it’s not difficult to find stores where you can place your wager. They are all over the country and the clerk can help you with your request. In this guide, we will instead talk about how sports betting online works in Nigeria.

Thanks to that a lot of sports betting now is online you have access to many more betting markets. You can wager money on football games from England, Spain, and even Estonia. Of course, you can also bet on Nigerian football.

Which betting options are there on football?

Football is very popular and that’s why it probably has the best selection regarding different betting markets. The most common wager is to bet on which team wins a game. Other options are for example the amount of corners there will be in a game or who scores the first goal. Here are some of the most common betting markets in Nigeria.

Match winner

The most common wager is 1×2 or who wins the game. 1 means you believe the home team will win, x means a draw and 2 means that the away team will win.

Some people prefer to play something that’s called an Asian handicap. This is a very popular form of betting where one of the teams will get a handicap. If the away team has a handicap of +1 the home team needs to win by two goals for the bet to be considered a win. If the score is 2-1 and the away team has an Asian handicap of +1 then the match will be considered a draw.

In Nigeria, there is also something called Firebets which are very popular among players.


These wagers are similar to betting on who will win the game. The big difference is that you bet on who you think will be leading during half-time and who eventually wins the game. It’s a more difficult wager to guess correctly but of course, that is reflected in the odds.

Goal count

It’s also possible to wager on how many goals you think will be done during a game. You can guess exactly how many goals are done during a match but it’s also possible to bet on over a certain amount of goals. You can for example bet that a game will have more than 1,5 goals. This means that if at least 2 goals are scored during a game you will win. At many Nigerian online casinos, you can also guess how many yellow cards are given or how many corners there are during a game.

Betting on players

It’s also possible to bet on the players instead of the teams. You can for example wager if a certain player scores a goal or that he scores the first goal of the game. You can in certain cases even wager on that player getting a red card.


Outrights are great for the players who don’t want their bet to be over directly. These are bets that are played over a longer time, for example, a whole season of the Nigerian football league. Before the league start you can for example bet that Ikorodu FC will win the whole league. You can then follow the game throughout the season and if your team wins you will win your bet. It’s also possible to bet on who will be the top goal scorer during the season.

Live betting (Bet in play)

Happy Nigerian Man Betting

Live betting, or bet in play, as it’s often called in Nigeria, is another very popular form of betting. This is something that today can be found at most Nigerian casinos online. Normally wagers are played before a game starts but with bet in play you can wager during a game.

While you are betting at your favourite Nigerian online casino you can see the odds being updated in real time. The odds depend on what is happening in the game. If you see some odds that you feel are not really correct that is your chance to take advantage of it. If you want to win on sports betting this is one of the few possibilities you have. It is not easy though, and most of the odds will be correct even during bet in play.

It’s a very fast-paced and dynamic form of betting and that is also why it’s very popular in Nigeria.

The best sports betting sites in Nigeria

There are some casinos in Nigeria that only focus on betting, but some that also include online slots in their selection. We don’t really have any preference because sometimes the ones that focus on sports betting do it exceptionally well, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to wager some money on slot machines too. On the best sites, you can’t only bet on football, but you will also have a selection of other betting markets as for example tennis and basketball.

We have made a list for you to choose some of the best Nigerian sites for football betting so you can easily get started.


22Bet is an award-winning betting site. They have previously won awards for having the best betting markets in Nigeria. This online casino offers a lot more to their players and especially their exclusive games called 22Games are something you should check out. For new players, there is a welcome bonus that doubles your money up to 300 dollars. What we like is that these 22Games contribute double to the wagering requirements in comparison to other online slots they offer.

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Betting bonuses for mobile play

At some Nigerian online casinos, you can also find betting bonuses. These can be used to help you get a slightly better chance of winning while you’re playing. If you’re a new player who has never played at a casino before, these can be a perfect tool to help you get started. These sports betting bonuses usually give the player some extra money to try betting for the first time.

Matched bonuses

Bonuses for sports betting can be very similar to bonuses for online slots in Nigeria. One of the most common bonuses is something called a matched deposit.

A matched deposit usually comes with a percentage and a maximum bonus amount. These are some examples:

In many cases, these bonuses will have wagering requirements which we will explain a bit more about later in this betting guide to Nigeria.

Free bet in Nigeria

Some Nigerian online casinos also have something called a free bet. Usually, you need to deposit a small sum first and bet it on a game. If you lose the betting site will give your money back but if you win you keep your win. There is also a bonus called risk-free bet but sometimes these two options are quite intertwined.

Some casinos might take the free bet back though, so it’s always good to read the terms and conditions before you use any bonus. In our casino reviews about Nigerian casinos, we always tell our readers if we think a betting bonus is good or not.

Wagering requirements while betting on football in Nigeria

While there are some no-wagering bonuses in Nigeria, these are not very common. Usually, when you get a bonus you will need to wager a certain amount of the bonus before you can make a withdrawal.

Normal wagering requirements could be:

If we use one of the previous examples you have gotten 10,000 Naira in bonus money. If the terms & conditions of the bonus say the wagering requirements are 8x, you will need to play for 80,000 Naira before you can make a withdrawal. Betting sites in Nigeria enforce this to avoid bonus abuse.

The lower the wagering requirements are – the better.

Usually, there is a requirement for minimum odds you can wager your bonus on as well. In the bonus terms, it could say that you need to wager your bonus on betting markets with odds of over 1,80. That means you need to have more than 1,80 in odds on all your bets.

Football betting on old phone in Nigeria

The good thing about betting on football is that you can also bet with an old phone. Slots are not always available on old phones because of system requirements but betting is no problem. Even if you have an old phone you can easily visit your favourite Nigerian betting site and place a bet on your favourite football team.

Bet with ATM on Nigerian betting sites

You might ask yourself if depositing with an ATM is possible on Nigerian betting sites. It is absolutely possible! Most of the betting sites in Nigeria offer the option of depositing with ATM card. When you have followed the process from the casino you can easily go and bet on any football game you like.


Nigerians love football but betting is also very popular in Nigeria. It then comes as no surprise that sports betting is huge in Nigeria.

It is very understandable because betting makes watching football even more fun. It’s fun without football but it’s even more fun to bet a few hundred Naira on your favourite teams.

Today it’s also very easy to bet on football in Nigeria. You just need to create an account on one of the many sports betting sites in Nigeria, deposit some money and play. You don’t even need to leave your house.

We hope this guide has give you some insight in what football betting is and we hope you enjoy this fantastic game.