Wagering Requirements

Professor Calculating Wagering Requirements

If you have ever used a casino or betting bonus you have most likely heard the term wagering requirement. These are sort of bonus terms that exist in the majority of bonuses in casinos but not all of them. In this guide, we will take you through what wagering requirements are and how they affect your bonus.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are simply requirements that need to be fulfilled to withdraw a bonus at a betting site or online casino. They exist to stop players from abusing bonuses at a casino. If they would not exist the player could simply step into a casino and withdraw their bonus money without any risk. That is in most cases not a feasible option.

However, there are something called no wager free spins and no wager deposit bonuses that we will mention later in this article. They sound too good to be true but many times they are actually amazing bonuses once you find them.

Wagering Requirements on Betting Bonuses

A betting bonus usually comes in the form of a deposit bonus or a risk-free bet. If it is a deposit bonus for betting you are usually asked to wager your bonus sum between 5 and 8 times before you can make a withdrawal. That means you will need to play for 5-8 times the amount you deposited before you can withdraw your money. 

We would consider wagering requirements for betting bonuses between 5 and 8 times to be fairly reasonable. Anything less than that is very good but if the wagering requirements are higher than that you might have to reconsider using that bonus at all.

Betting Sites with Best Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements on Casino Bonuses

Most casino bonuses in Nigeria are deposit bonuses. For example, they can give you 100% extra when you deposit 100,000 Naira. That means they will double your deposit and give you 100,000 in bonus funds. In most cases, you will not be able to withdraw your bonus money directly. 

To withdraw your bonus you will first need to fulfill the wagering requirements of the bonus. No wagering casino bonuses exist, but they are not very common. It is more likely that the Nigerian online casino will ask you to play through your bonus amount at least 30 times. To know how much you need to bet you just multiply the bonus amount with the wagering requirements.

It might sound like a lot to wager 3 million but it is not impossible. However, you should be careful if the bonus has 50 times wagering requirement because that will make it much more difficult for you to win money on a casino bonus.

One last thing to keep in mind is how the casino will phrase the bonus term. Sometimes they say that you will have to wager the bonus and the deposited amount 30 times. In the previous case, that means you will have to wager 6 million Naira instead of 3 million. There is a big difference, but in our casino review, we will tell you what we think of the wagering requirements of a bonus.

No wager Deposit Bonus

Certain deposit bonuses don’t have any wagering requirements at all. These are very sought after because you basically get bonus funds and then you can withdraw the money directly. Because of these favourable bonus terms, the value of these bonuses is often very low. Also, you should be extra careful with the bonus terms because there might be some unfavourable terms hidden to stop players from actually getting free money.

Wagering Requirements on Free Spins

It is common for online casinos in Nigeria to give free spins as a bonus. This can be given in addition to the deposit bonus or sometimes they will just give you a few free spins to play on a slot. Sometimes these are no wager free spins which means you will be able to withdraw your winnings directly. Other times the wins from your free spins have wagering requirements you need to fulfil before you make a withdrawal.

Many free spins have low wagering requirements and we prefer it when they are under 10 times your winnings. Sometimes you see them being 20 to 30 times which is not something we like, especially when the winnings from free spins usually are quite small.

No wager Free Spins

No wager free spins are more common than no wager deposit bonuses. To find no wager free spins is not necessarily that difficult at a Nigerian online casino and they are definitely around. With free spins without wagering you first play the free spins you have received. If you manage to win some money from these free spins you can withdraw them directly. Usually, these free spins are given with the lowest possible wager so the wins from them are usually not very large. However, it is still a bonus that many Nigerian players look for. Sometimes you need to make a deposit to get the no wagering free spins but there are also no deposit no wager free spins. These are usually given to loyal players that participate in a casinos VIP Program, or sometimes even given as a birthday bonus to players.

Can you win money with low wagering requirements?

Technically lower wagering requirements give you a bigger chance to win money on your casino bonus. You need to keep in mind that the casino knows this, and usually, they have calculated the odds of you winning money with a casino bonus. Because of this, the wagering requirements will usually be put so that the casino still has an advantage. However, if you are using no wager free spins and no wager deposit bonuses you actually might have a chance to win some money. Having said that, usually, we are talking about very small sums and it will not be any life-changing amount. However, free money is always appreciated!


Wagering requirements are an important part of any casino bonus or betting bonus. Almost all bonuses have these and to be able to choose the best bonuses you need to know how wagering requirements work. Remember that lower wagering requirements are good but it is also important to look at other bonus terms to be able to determine if it is a good bonus or not. If you want to read more about bonuses you should also read our guides about casino bonuses and betting bonuses in Nigeria.