The Popularity of Roulette in Nigeria is Increasing

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September 5, 2023
Nigerian Man Playing Roulette

The Popularity of Roulette in Nigeria is Increasing

While the media is talking a lot about cryptocurrencies and sports betting, casino games are also continuing to become more popular. Incredible as it may sound, Nigerians are far more enthusiastic than Ghanaians about playing online casinos. We have taken a look at the reasons behind the popularity of casino games in Nigeria and what the future trends might look like.

Big sports betting wins are getting coverage in our tabloids. But casino winnings have also started to get some attention, and what could be more addictive than big wins and interviews with the winners? The fast pace of the game and the possibility of sudden death are a dangerous combination for those who can’t control their gambling. Of course, most people know how to keep the game in perspective.

Roulette, which for small stakes, offers a fun pastime like any other gambling game. Casino games can be found at virtually every gaming company these days. Also, sports betting companies in Nigeria have noticed the money that casino games can make.

Although the RTP is good, we can talk about “close to a hundred”, the seemingly high return rate is still bad when the number of rounds is increased.

Many criticize the low return rate of Nigerian gaming tables. The criticism is valid. Customers are being offered games with weaker rules than those customary internationally.

On the other hand, criticism is unnecessary. A player who enters a game on such poor terms will lose his money sooner or later. Whether it happens in sports betting, keno, lottery or poker is ultimately irrelevant.

Nigerian players are loving big progressive jackpots

As with the lottery, it’s hard to explain the bad terms of the game to casino jackpot winners. The chance to become a millionaire in one night is still a hot attraction and the best advertisement for the game of chance. 

Could it be because there are already more millionaires in other countries, and here they are still very rare? Either way, there’s plenty to offer for those planning a jackpot hunt. Perhaps the most popular African online gaming provider Net Entertainment has managed to build an impressive online casino in 30 years. This casino operator’s services are bought by many African betting companies. Arabian Nights is a traditional slot game that is played at NetEnt casinos. However, it´s understandable as a jackpot of almost half a billion dollars is waiting to be won on it.

The game itself is very simple, the only requirement to win the jackpot is a maximum bet on each line, at least five times a bet of 500 Naira. So it doesn’t sound too difficult to win the big jackpot.

Still, big money isn’t the only attraction. Nigerians are a gambling-loving people and many simply play to decrease their stress levels.

The roulette table has a bad memory

Alongside jackpot slots, Nigerians are also hooked on Blackjack and roulette. They are not about getting rich quick, but in terms of playing conditions, they are less of an evil than slots in Nigerian online casinos. 

Blackjack is by far the best of the casino games when it comes to “affordability”. The game allows you to minimize the house edge by playing mathematically correct. This is called the Basic Strategy and can be found online on just about every casino-focused site.

Remember that counting cards is still a waste of time against a computer. Previously, gambling gangs have gained an advantage by counting cards. Nowadays, card-counting life has been made regrettably difficult in live games too. It’s not cheating, it’s a strategy to improve your chances in the game. The famous strategy is, in the minds of a surprisingly large number of players, the same as the perfect strategy. 

The age-old French concept of doubling the stakes until you win sounds like a surefire method. It is called the Martingale System and we have previously talked about it in our Roulette guide. However, a player would need an infinite bankroll to win using this method. If you have that much money it´s just better to look elsewhere for investment opportunities.

In roulette, you can also influence the course of the game by choosing the numbers you want. The RTP (Return to player) is still the same for everyone, as no number is any more likely than the other. If roulette has given you ten consecutive big numbers in a row, the big one is as likely to come up next time as the small one. The game does not remember the past, even if the player does. 

The same is true of the many other variations of the game available online. For example, an electronic greyhound race, found in Nigerian casinos offering virtual sports, looks like great fun. There are clues and statistics on dogs from past races adding to the authenticity. It is worth remembering, however, that the odds of a dog winning are always equal to its odds. The double favorite always wins slightly less than 50% of the races. A ten-fold surprise is also never an advantageous investment, the chance is always less than 10%. 

If your friend keeps stats about everything for betting on a football match or a basketball game, he does not necessarily have a gambling problem, but he is a gambler who is serious enough about his hobby or profession. However, if the same guy also keeps statistics on his online casino rankings, he may be a potential problem gambler. 

The only useful statistics in casino gambling are recording the result in a gambling ledger. It may be a wake-up call that there is no long-term chance of winning at games of chance.

What are the following trends with casino games in Nigeria?

Everything from bingo to backgammon or checkers has been expected to become the next bestseller. Checkers is a popular game, but perhaps not challenging enough to make a major breakthrough. Only time can tell which games will become popular in Nigeria but we know that roulette, blackjack, and online slots are currently having a large upswing.

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