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October 9, 2023
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Aviator is a game that has become very popular during the past year. This is not really a surprise as this game provides plenty of entertainment. It is also very easy to learn how to play Aviator which is probably also a reason why the game has become so popular. In this article we will tell you more about how to play Aviator, what it means when it is provably fair, and where you can play Aviator for real money.

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The Basics

Aviator is developed by a company called Spribe and the idea of the game is very simple. It is a so-called crash game and there are a few games in this genre, including JetX and Spaceman. 

In all of these games you are launching an object, and in Aviator that is an airplane. While the airplane is flying you will also see a multiplier that is increasing with time. The multiplier represents your win but you need to collect your money yourself. The airplane will eventually fly away and if you have not collected your money before that you will lose your wager.

Basics of Aviator game:

  • The multiplier starts at 1x and goes higher until the airplane flies away.
  • The minimum bet for Aviator in Nigeria is 50 Naira. The maximum bet is 3 million Naira.
  • The RTP of Aviator is 97 percent.
  • The volatility is medium.

How To Play Aviator

Screenshot of Aviator Crash Game

To play Aviator game you first need to find a Nigerian online casino to play at. To find the best Nigerian casinos we recommend that you read our honest casino reviews. At many casinos, you can play Aviator game free before you bet real money.

However, when you are ready to play Aviator for real money you need to open an account and deposit funds. After that, you just find Aviator from the game lobby and open the game. In the middle, you will see the multiplier increasing, and below that you can choose how much you want to wager. If the game has already started you will have to wait to participate in the following game.

When you have chosen how much you want to bet you just click “BET”. Then when the next round starts you will have to decide when to collect your money. To do that you simply click “Cash Out” and the money will be paid to your account. If the airplane crashes before you have collected your money you will lose your wager. 

There is also a possibility to activate autoplay in Aviator. If you do that you will automatically participate in up to 10 rounds. You can also choose Auto Cash Out and set a multiplier you want the game to automatically cash out for you. That works perfectly if you already have a strategy you want to play with.

How To Win: Strategy in Aviator

As this is a casino game where the house has an advantage, you will most likely not win in Aviator in the long run. However, there are some strategies you can use to fit the game to your personal playing style.

The great thing with Aviator is that you can pretty much choose the volatility. You can decide to cash out on very low multipliers. Then you will win often but the amount you win will be very small. This means the volatility will be very low and you will most likely not lose a lot of money and your balance will stay stable.

You can also have an Aviator strategy that has a high volatility. Then you choose a higher multiplier to cash out at. Some players are satisfied with multipliers of 10x or 100x while others are brave enough to aim for 1000x. Remember, if you use this strategy you might have many losing streaks and you might lose money quickly. The players that use this strategy are aiming for high wins and that they hopefully will compensate for the losses that have been made. Keep in mind that there is no maximum multiplier but it is said that the maximum win in Aviator is 8 million Naira.

Remember to be vary of so-called Aviator predictors. These are applications that promise guaranteed wins at Aviator. However, these do not work and they do not work.

What Does Aviator Provably Fair Mean?

Aviator is a Provably Fair game. This means that it is based on a blockchain-based transparency and integrity mechanism that are used by many cryptocurrency casinos to ensure fairness and verifiability of their games. In a provably fair system, the casino provides the initial seed for the random number generator used in a game, and the player can also provide their own seed. The game outcome is determined by these seeds and the way the game processes them. After the game is played, players can use these seeds and the game’s algorithm (which the casino makes public) to verify that the outcome was indeed random and fair, and that it wasn’t altered during play.

Thanks to this players can personally verify the fairness of every game round. Provably fair algorithms are cryptographic in nature, providing security and trust between the player and the casino, reducing the risk of manipulation or unfair practices.

Our Verdict

We are actually a bit surprised over how popular Aviator has gotten. In just over a year it has become one of the most played games on Nigerian online casinos but also at casinos in other parts of Africa. We think the reason it has gotten so popular is a combination of the possibility to win large multipliers and how easy it is to learn to play the game. Right now it looks like Aviator will be available on Nigerian online casinos for a long time ahead. Why don´t you try to play Aviator game free or for real money at one of our recommended casinos?

You can find Aviator in Nigeria at SportyBet and Betpawa.

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